Unlock the Secrets of South Asian Bridal Hair with this Master Course

South Asian Bridal Hair Course

If you’re a professional hair stylist looking to level up your skills and become an expert in South Asian bridal hair, then this master course is for you! This comprehensive and hands-on course covers everything from understanding hair texture to dupatta styling and how to incorporate extensions. Learn how to create traditional and modern braids, pin traditional jewelry, and headpieces, and accessorize with confidence.

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3 days – 6.5 hrs each (Total 19.5hrs) – $2499

What You’ll Learn

This master course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a pro in South Asian bridal hair styling. Here’s a breakdown of all that you will learn:

Understanding Hair Texture

Knowing how the client’s hair texture can determine the success of a style is essential when it comes to hair styling. You’ll learn how to assess different types of textures (such as fine, wavy, curly, or coarse hairs) so that you can choose the right techniques and products for each individual’s unique needs.

Working with Long Thick Hair

Thick to fine hair texture can be difficult to work with but it’s also one of the most requested styles by brides. You’ll learn special tricks and techniques specifically designed from long thick hairs to fine or fizzy so that you can create beautiful looks that last longer.

Incorporating Extensions

Not all clients have long thick hairs naturally; some may need extensions added in order for their desired look. You’ll learn how to seamlessly blend extensions into natural hair using our Fall Proof Method Dupatta Styling technique so that your clients can look stunning without worrying about their hairstyle not lasting all night

Traditional & Modern Braiding

From intricate fishtail braids to simple headbands, there are many styles out there that you can use on your bridal clients. You’ll learn which styles are most popular among South Asian brides as well as what tools and products work best
for each style.

Applying Hair Accessories

Adding some sparkle to a hairstyle is always a great way to make it stand out even more! In this master class, you will also be taught how to properly apply accessories such as pins, headpieces, and South Asian jewelry onto the bride’s hair so that they stay secure throughout the entire event.

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With this comprehensive South Asian Bridal Hair Master Course, you will unlock the secrets behind creating beautiful looks that last all day long while keeping your brides feeling comfortable and confident on their big day! This hands-on course provides detailed instruction on everything from understanding hair texture to incorporating extensions with dupatta styling – giving you all the tools necessary to become an expert in South Asian bridal hair styling! Don’t miss out – sign up today!


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